NEWS: Nine Killed, 14 Injured As 100 Inmates Escape In New Year’s…

Brazilian Prison Riots
At least nine prisoners have been feared dead when riots broke out in a jail in central state of Goias in Brazil on New Year’s Day, police authorities have said.

Police authorities have also stated that the riot broke out when some armed inmates invaded another wing in the prison controlled by a armed inmates .

One of the prisoners who reportedly beheaded during the clash that also saw over 100 inmates escape from the prison while 14 others were left injured due to the riots.

The riot began on New Year’s Day when rival criminal factions clashed inside the jail, broke the barriers of the prison and escaped.

The police authorities however disclosed that they had regained control of the prison, just as it disclosed that about 30 of the escaped inmates have been re-arrested while about 80 remain at large.

“It was a clash between prisoners and it is all under control now,” said Lieutenant-Colonel Hrillner Braga Ananias.

Riots are common in Brazilian prisons, which are notoriously overcrowded and understaffed.


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