ENTERTAINMENT: A Lady that is Promoting Virginity Among Nigeria Ladies

Phina Ofure Owobu Akhimien, is a social entrepreneur, fashion designer and an on-air personality. Phina, a second child of a large polygamous family, had her early education in Uromi/Warri and from there she moved to the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State where she studied Economics.

Phina Ofure, a proud mother of lovely 5 kids is the CEO of Virginhood organisation. An organisation committed to promoting virginity among young girls, according to her, she started promoting virgin-hood in schools, churches, orphanages and the rural communities not as a business because I wasn’t selling anything. However, ‘Virginhood group started in 2003 but was registered in 2007 as an NGO but the talk show and clothing line came on board in 2008 with full operation in 2013 while the magazine started in 2009”.

Also, Phina said, ‘the way our society decays as regards sexuality prompted me to start the campaign, and of course my love for the African value really pushed me to promote virgin-hood. I’m a real African woman, so that is what brought about the idea of virgin-hood.

In her own words, one of the biggest challenge she is facing is on sponsorship, she lamented thus: ‘We are still looking for support but I wonder the kind of country we find ourselves, imagine you come up with a very beautiful project yet sponsorship is the issue, meanwhile Nigerians go as far as buying programmes from abroad, programme such as Mexican films, tell me what values these programmes are adding to our culture, hat is it that our children get to gain from all foreign things?’

I hope all Nigerian get is real with Phina, by following her talk show: Getting Real With Phina.
We wish her all the best.

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