ENTERTAINMENT: 5 Things You Need to Know about Music as an Artist [Gospel Artist – Edgar Snazzy]

What you need to know about music as an artist?

1st music is a business, So if music is a businesses then there must be an investor cause without an investor then there will be no business to run,and if there’s an investor then profit making is involved, cause no one invests in a business without wanting to make profit,,,,

You as an artist consider your self a product,the songs you produce ain’t the product to be sold,you are the product to be sold,if your songs were the product then brands will enforce your songs not you….

Let’s take Dangote for  example, Dangote goes into the farm gets the wheat and bring it to be processed into rice in which form it can be sell able to the consumer…..

 So how do you sell out to the world as an artist,

1. Create a good fan base within your locality:if you have a solid foundation in your locality be rest assured that you can be a super start within a short period of time,like they say charity begins at home,if your family recognizes you to be musically inclined,then people in your environment, people in your school get to know you  do music,then your church,you have created a solid fan base,you have succeeded in getting your primary fans.

2. Get to know the genre of music that moves people when you do it,that’s the genre of music you are called to do,cause to every product there is a targeted consumer,so to every genre of music there is a specified audience. If you wanna be circular act,be it a rap act,pop act, high-life or what so ever,then you need to start begging to perform in birthdays,if you wanna make waves Don’t feel too but to do this,beg for platforms in school parties,birthdays and other ceremonies done in the street,be to perform in events,the people who enjoy your performance will get to meet you shake hands wit you and tell you you did well so might take your contact ,if they have anything to do they will call on you for entertainment, gradually you will spreading and before you know it,boom.

Then if you are s gospel act like me,then you have to start like I did,fall in love with the gospel be determined to spread it in your songs,that’s the only thing that will keep you going no matter the challenges cause as a gospel act many challenges will come your way.If your church gives platforms for special number or ministrations then use that opportunity to showcase your talent,let God start his work in you in your church,if your church holds a program seek for every opportunity to perform,you never can tell those that will be attendance of the program,if people from other churches watches and love your ministrations they will call you to minster in theirs,gradually the circle will be spreading.

3. Associate your self with the right people,like they say show me your friend and I will tell you whom you are,if you wanna make waves associate with people whom are musically inclined not just musical inclined but very good in the field, if you miss up with whack artists you will end up not going places no matter how good you are.

4. Don’t settle for less,the fact that you have made name in your locality dies not make you a star,think big dream Bigger,,,go online associate with people in other places doing same thing as you are.

5. Get a manager:As an artist,you can’t manage your self no mater how good you are,go out look for people that knows the music business,Discuss wit them and get and one of them to mange you,your manager has a very good role to. Play in your music career, he will sort events for you,get you connected to the right source ,so if you must get a manager,Get someone who knows what music is all about and someone who can take you to a reasonable night in your career… 

6. Record Deal/Label signing, I will end here,if your manager performs his duties very well,then record labels will get to beg to sign you.How do you get the attention of labels,first, have a good Instagram,Twitter and Facebook page, upload them with posts that shows you have gotten to a reasonable night in the music business, labels are interested in artists whom have  layed a good foundation for them selves,if no body knows you,labels won’t  sign you,so you must do all the necessary things to get known in your locality and your state at large…. The labels are the investors to invest on you and no investor would invest in a non profitable commodity.

written by Your forever gospel rapper,Edgar Snazzy
Instagram and Twiterr : @EdgarSnazzy,

Facebook: @Snazzzytinz

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