ENTERTAINMENT: 5 Musical Quotes from Young Gospel Rapper Edgar Snazzy….

Indeed the young gospel rapper Edgar Snazzy has shown he is really called to do what he’s doing,,,he is a classic rapper with good rhymes and mind  bursting punchlines in his songs. Here are five (5 ) quotes from the young teenage boy on music…

5 musical quotes from Edgar Snazzy:
1.Music done with purpose gives birthday to satisfaction and fulfillment.

2.A circular artist on low cut who sings reality songs is better than a gospel artist on suit yet with a dreaded hair.

3.As a man thinks in his heart so he is,Your thoughts go a long way to determine the kind of song you sing.

4.Just as God never gets tired of producing different humans with different faces,So he is never tired of giving different inspirations to different talents.

5.If you want to win a kings heart sing him a song, If you want to put God to work,sing him his praise.


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