BUSINESS TRAINING SEMINAR: Learn How to Earn N50,000 to N1,000,000 Naira Monthly or Even more in the Agricultural Export Business

How would you like to earn N50,000 to N1,000,000 naira monthly or even more in the Agricultural Export Business.

” The riches of Babylon were the results of the wisdom of it’s people. They 1st had to learn how to become wealthy”.

“The time has come for making African agriculture and agribusiness a catalyst for ending poverty,” says Makhtar Diop, World Bank Vice President for Africa Region.

Starting an agricultural export business in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative business decisions you can make. The reason is because most export commodities are worth times 2, 3 or even 5 in the international market.

The *difference* between the RICH and the POOR is INFORMATION. To be WEALTHY, study the process of WEALTH CREATION .

Come, learn how to become wealthy in the Agro Wealth Summit 2018, an Investment Knowledge through AGRICULTURE

AGRO WEALTH SUMMIT, We will educate you on how to create generational wealth in the New Oil Bucomwww. This is Agricultural Export Business where you can start with just 20,000 naira as your capital.

The Agro Wealth Summit 2018 is a training Programme for Agricultural Export Business, Investment Opportunities and Access to Funding. Designed for those who desire to create wealth through Agriculture and Agricultural Export Business, the new oil.



Export of agricultural products from Nigeria is one of the best and most Lucrative businesses any investor can go into. Statistics has shown that the Nigerian Export industry holds a revenue potential of over N125 Billion Naira. Despite this great potential, the sector is still largely untapped for various reasons ranging from poor knowledge of the international market and its dynamics, reduction in local credit to non-oil export sector in Nigeria and the inability of the Nigeria exporters to compete against their counterparts from the other countries. After oil, agriculture is next in share of Nigeria`s non-oil export.

Statistics and data have shown that since the launch of AGOA about 16 years ago, Nigeria with over 17 million SMEs has exported less than $3 million in non-oil export whereas South Africa with about only 650,000 SMEs has exported over $1.4 Billion in non-oil export in the same period. Reason for this is not far-fetched as it is largely due to above stated reason beside other causes.

There are several agricultural products an intending exporter can export from Nigeria to several countries around the world. These products include but are not limited to : red palm oil, palm kernel, groundnut, sesame seed, cashew nuts, cocoa nuts, shea butter, charcoal, millet, guinea corn, cassava, bitter kola, crayfish, yam, potatoes, pepper, lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, fruits , mushroom, honey and so many others. The list is more than one can imagine.

Any Nigerian with the financial capacity 20,000 naira minimum can go into this lucrative business. Agro Wealth Summit is aimed at assisting individuals interested in going into this lucrative sector of the Nigerian economy that is largely untapped partly due to ignorance and partly due to the erroneous belief that oil & gas is more lucrative can export of agro-based products.

In this agricultural export business, the demand is so high, you can’t invest enough to meet it (meaning you can keep pouring money into it and be sure you will always get foreign customers for your goods. The fact is, our surplus is not even half as much as the world’s population that demand for our agricultural products.

What more? Most of your work is going to be online from the comfort of your home.

Your customers range from food/cosmetic/ pharmaceutical etc. companies, to agents to Nigerians living abroad, to African Restaurant and markets abroad and so on. And we would teach you how to get customers from each one and give you their contact details.


1. Mobile phone
2. bank account (savings or current).
3. Access to the Internet
4. Understanding the Export Business.
5. An email address
Note: You don’t need an export license to start this business.

You can package over 40-60 commodities for export to foreign countries and make N80,000 – N150,000 profit per one “Ghana must go bag”.

Exporters are just making it look big because they don’t want others to benefit from it. The mode of getting buyers for a small scale exporter that you will be taught is very simple that a 7 year old boy can get it.

Our vision:

The vision is to see to it that poverty and lack is driven from our society and idleness is smashed.

Summit Benefits:

?100 website links, phone numbers and email addresses of potential clients (Nigerian restaurant and market owners) abroad .

?Substantial details about 50 agricultural products you can export.

?100 successful and registered exporting companies you can work with in Nigeria.

? How to get investments to support your export business.

?List of countries with the highest demand for particular Nigerian goods.

?Best ways to package each type of product and present them to the foreign market.

?Best season to export particular products (based on demand over there).

?Most favourable way to relate with your foreign customer.

?Means of exportation, including all the processes involved.

? Profit margins.

?How to get suppliers of foodstuff.

?Legal requirements for an export business in Nigeria.

?How to make money in the export industry without exporting (as a sourcing agent and the likes).
?Characteristics of successful exporters in Nigeria.

?How to find reputable product sourcing agents.

?How to avoid being scammed as an exporter.

? How the Nigerian Export Promotion Council can help you. And details on how you can become a registered member (although as a beginner, you don’t need to register).

?Information about international events where you can meet and build business relationships with international buyers that buy in bulks.

?Contact information of affordable and reliable agricultural products from suppliers in different parts of Nigeria.

Additional Benefit: Free training and training material for the First 50 persons to register on snail farming.

Agro Wealth Summit 2018 is bringing to you a well researched information from top exporters in Nigeria and the Nigerian Export Promotion Council.

We are ready to assist you and work with you as you continue in this business. No other training on export business has this package included.

There’s also a mentorship program after the summit.


1) Bank of Industry.
2) Nigeria Export Commission.
3) International Development Network Limited
4) Rimshot Studios


Date: 3rd of Feb 2018
Venue: Amphitheater, Rivers State University of Science and Technology.
Time: 10am Prompt.


Student with Valid I.D= N2500
Non-Student: N5000

Pay into:

Acc Name: CENYED
Acc Number: 0084511033
Bank: Diamond Bank
(After payment, send your name, amount to 08069497924 or 08144625343. Also come with your proof of payment at the venue)




For Enquirers: 08069497924, 08144625343, 09081132566.

Powered By: Center for Youth Entrepreneurship Development and Purpose Driven Nation Builders.



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