2nd Term: #WikestillWorking and Remains Nigeria’s Commander of Projects (NEWS)

By Simeon Nwakaudu
The request by Okwuzi-Egbema community for the rehabilitation of their General Hospital is a confirmation that all Rivers people have confidence that Governor Wike will continue to deliver. Having seen that key development projects have reached all the LGAs of the state, every community is right to demand the Governor’s reach out. The train of Wike’s Development will get to Okwuzi-Egbema.
Zonal Hospital, Omoku, in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni Local Government Area initiated by Governor Wike will be completed in three months. It is a Tertiary Healthcare Facility to provide Medicare for the people.
The delivery of dividends of democracy is beyond rhetoric. Cleaning up APC ‘s mess is a herculean task. The immediate past APC Administration in Rivers State was a horrible disaster, but Governor Wike is committed to reaching out to all Rivers people, in all communities.
Governor Wike’s administration has commenced the process of equipping recently completed Zonal Hospitals to take quality tertiary healthcare closer to the people.
The Zonal Hospital, Degema and Zonal Hospital, Bori, have been completed and the equipping process is ongoing. The Rivers State Government is also equipping the Mother and Child Hospital in Port Harcourt to provide specialist care for women and children.
According to Governor Wike: “Health is very important to this administration. It is one key area that we are focusing on to improve the lives of the people.
“We are investing resources to equip the completed Zonal Hospitals that will soon come on stream. We have Zonal Hospitals in Degema , Bori, Etche, Ahoada and Omoku. We will equip Degema and Bori Zonal Hospitals because they have been completed “.
The administration has so far equipped the Rivers State University Teaching Hospital, the former Braithwaite Memorial Specialist Hospital with $6.5million (USD).
It is necessary to state that Governor Wike delivered the reconstruction of 17 General Hospitals across the State in his first term. The reconstruction and rehabilitation of General Hospitals which is capital intensive is a phased process. The Okwuzi-Egbema General Hospital will be in the next phase. This is after ongoing key healthcare projects have been delivered in the next few months.
Wike’s outstanding performance is beyond hashtags. It is a practical delivery of projects and programmes to improve the living conditions of Rivers people. It is a practical manifestation of hardwork, dedication and love for Rivers people. That is why Rivers people including the people of Okwuzi-Egbema community stood with Governor Wike when the AAC/APC/ARMY Alliance struggled to rob the Rivers mandate.
Unlike the APC, Governor Wike has assured Rivers people that his performance during the second term would outshine that of the first term. Just imagine for a minute if the APC Federal Government works up to 10 percent of Wike’s Wonderful Works. Nigeria would have been transformed.
While Wike continues to work, APC remains in the realm of propaganda, They bandy stories around, but are short on delivery where they hold sway. Governor Wike is a man of performance. Performance is in his DNA. He cannot change now. Nobody learns left hand in old age.
In the course of the first 100 days of his second term, Governor Wike will roll out several key projects in all the Senatorial Districts of the state. For every milestone attained, there will always be quality projects for Rivers people.


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