2019 Naijawavez BAC Music Award Voting Rules (Check it Out) (ENTERTAINMENT)


There are two (2) ways for you to cast your vote for the Nominated Artiste of your choice:
(1) online using your PC, tablet, or smart phone the designated voting webpage for the Awards on the Naijawavez.com website (“Voting Website”)

(2) via Facebook @NaijawavezBAC, Instagram @NaijawavezBAC and Twitter @Naijawavez by including the designated hashtag for the applicable Award and the name of the nominee of your choice in a message posted from your Twitter account (a “Tweet”). Both voting methods are further described below:

NOTE: Here is the tags to be use via social media to cast ur votes… @NaijawavezBAC, @Naijawavez, #NaijawavezBAC2019, #Naijawavez and the name of the artiste u want to cast ur vote for (EG.. #Kris)

Online Voting: You can vote online through the Voting Website using your PC, tablet, or mobile device (“Online Voting”). Vote for each Artiste of your choice can only be submitted (and counted) while the Voting Period is open.


  • On the NaijawavezBAC Facebook,Instagram and Twitter Page, you will see the names and photos of all of the eligible nominees for each Award next to corresponding vote buttons (“Voting Button”).


  • To cast a vote for Artiste of your choice, you must be (i) registered with and logged into your Facebook,Instagram and Twitter account; You will click on the Voting Button for the nominee artiste you want to cast your vote to on Naijawavez or NaijawavezBAC Social Media Page select for each Award.


  • After your vote is officially submitted, you will see a “Thank You” page that confirms receipt of your vote and offers you the opportunity to take one of the following actions:
  1. 1805

    1 month ago

    am sorry buh, I think the vote suppose to be in one side why fling the vote all around, Let it be in only on your website or choose only one social media for the vote

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