Gospel Music

Ugly man of ugly characters cursed from Genesis of subsequent creation. (GOSPEL)

From existentialism void n formless Father God Remain most Splendid Intelligentsia Living Subjective Sensithysing copy of the Holy Kingdom of Wise Mater’s Elementary Wise Purifying n attributing Scientific Magnificently Proficient Divine Like Law Right Material worth Elshadie’s Absyract n concrete Isled uppermost Descent Crystal Viscos Island’s Liquinux Molten Magma’s Shape explaining Omnisensitive Liveliness of Life Took Subjectified Elect us Shape from Hectro Habilist Divine Habitation Wonderfully Heavenly Crystal Holy of Holiest Omniprescient Magnitudum Live hood Placid Splendor Wise n Shaped His Spiritual n Physical Heaven n Earth Splendor-With Holy Divine Inspiration, Impressions n Aspirations Blest!sepersting all Holy Kindergartens to Professor’s Honorary Degree Study known badness of bad pit, Ugliness of Ugly Cursed spirit human plant animals of cursed damned bottomless pit void farther left even left ear whence from beginning Father God’s Pen n paper was His Chromed Holy n Divine lather prestigious Shaped Bone Blood n Skin..explaining to us that there was nothing like Sin,grass,pest, Sickness ugliness disease n desease dormancy of evil recanations,revolutionaries, revolutionaries n rejuvenating Ugly skin of ugly cursed bones of ugly man of ugly characteristics.. Thank Ylu very much Brothers n Remain Blessed! Shalom.

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