Thank You Tekno, ‘IF’ Changed My Life – Davido (ENTERTAINMENT)

Nigerian Popstar, Davido took to his Instagram to appreciate MMMG artiste and buddy Tekno for gifting him his international breaking hit single ‘IF’.

Davido performed in Abidjan, the Ivory Coast yesterday and he shared a video of himself performing the award-winning song – he used the caption-“Thank you teknoofficial ‘IF’ CHANGED MY LIFE !!

In February, the song became certified diamond while the follow up single releases weeks apart also went platinum. It is also widely accepted that ‘IF’ was that jumpstarted Davido’s successful year in 2017, after returning back to Nigeria follow the poor outcome of his 2016 ‘Son Of Mercy’ EP.

Davido went on to win numerous awards both in Nigeria and Internationally and even got American R’n’B Legend R Kelly to record a remix of the song.

Tekno and Davido have enjoyed a cordial and professional relationship right from when they first collaborated on Tekno’s breakout single ‘Holiday in 2013. On if, Tekno did not only write the song, he was also responsible for the production

Watch Davido performing the song in Abijan


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