How To Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back (LIFESTYLE)

After a breakup, it can feel like the faster you speak to your ex-boyfriend and tell him how much you love him, the sooner you can convince him to get back together and you can get back to how things used to be.

Unfortunately, that overwhelming sense of urgency can cloud your judgement and cause you to make decisions that could jeopardize your chances of getting your ex-boyfriend back.

When you breakup with someone you love, you want to text that person…. A LOT! 
But sending text after text filled with emotion will scare your ex-boyfriend away….
So what is the best thing to do?

Well it’s fair to say that there is no one magic text you can send your ex to make him want to get back together; what you need is to combine a series of small actions that will have a cumulative effect on your ex-boyfriend.

This article is going to talk you through the generic plan to winning your ex-boyfriend back and will cover


Social Media


Phone Calls


When winning your ex-boyfriend back there are three phases.

The first is the No-Contact Phase

The second is the Texting Phase

The third is the Commitment Phase

It might seem pretty obvious but you need to go through the first two stages before you can get to the third stage and get back together with your ex.

Each phase of the programme is made up of different elements that you will use to win your ex-boyfriend back.

The No Contact Rule

The first phase of the program is called No-Contact. It is called no contact because you will be avoiding all contact with your ex-boyfriend for about a month. This includes calls, text messages, e-mails and liking or commenting on his social media.

You should think of this as a full communications blackout.

There are few minor exceptions where you may maintain limited contact with your ex such as still living together, having children together or working in the same place. If you need to maintain limited contact you should only be talking about essential matters that can not wait until the end of the month, these would be things like bills, childcare arrangements, work deadlines etc.

However generally speaking, I recommend a month of No-Contact to anyone wanting to get their ex back and there are a few of reasons why I think that this is a good idea:-

Gives you space to calm your emotions

Allows you to work on improving yourself

Gives you time to learn how to win your ex back

Gives him time to wonder why you haven’t text him

Gives him time to miss you

Your ex-boyfriend is going to assume that after the breakup you are going to fall apart and start texting him non-stop, begging him to give you another chance and promising to change. This is because he has probably experienced this type of behavior after breakups with his previous girlfriends in the past.
No-Contact works by catching your ex by surprise.

By behaving in a way that is different to what he expects he will begin to wonder if he may have misjudged you, and in turn question the breakup.

To make your No-Contact period work to your maximum advantage you have two key tasks that you need to undertake, self-improvement and social media marketing.

Self Improvement

Whilst you are taking some space from your ex the most important thing you can do is work on improving yourself both physically and mentally.

I want you to invest some time in regaining a sense of normalcy in your life especially if you have been suffering with issues like anxiety or depression.

Use your no contact period to really work on overcoming those problems and getting some help.

Your goal for self-improvement is to become The Ungettable-Girl

Social Media

Your social media is going to help you communicate indirectly with your ex throughout all three phases of the program.

You are going to use your social media as a way of showing your ex-boyfriend all the fun and exciting activities you have been up to and highlight to him how great you look and how much you have developed as a person. If you don’t currently use social media, I recommend that you start with a Facebook account and begin posting pictures of your most interesting events from your Holy Trinity.

Take lots of photographs of you being the Ungettable girl so your ex-boyfriend can see and feel like he is missing out.

The Texting Phase

The next phase you will come to when winning your ex-boyfriend back is the Texting Phase. This phase differs from No-Contact as it will involve your reaching out and initiating contact with your ex.

During the Texting Phase you must continue to be the Ungettable-Girl by practicing the Holy Trinity and also carry on posting to social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram but now you will also begin to directly contact your ex through the following:-

Sending text messages

Having phone calls

Going on dates

The Small Hint

When trying to hint at a potential date you might want to try saying something like this to your ex: –

“I heard the new Star Wars movie is coming out soon, the trailer looks amazing! Don’t think any of friends would be into going though, not really their kind of film.”

Then say nothing…

Your intention here is to plant a seed in your ex-boyfriend’s mind that there is a place you would really like to go to sometime and that you would enjoy it if someone offered to take you. If your ex is keen to see you he will suggest you go together either after you mention it or a few days later once he has gathered enough courage to ask you out on a date.


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