Kristy Damcy (Gospel Singer) Celebrate His Birthday Today 3rd of November 2018 (See Photos) (ENTERTAINMENT)

Female Gospel music sensation, Kristy Damcy celebrate his birthday today 3rd November 2018.

The Enugu born star, took to his Instagram & Facebook page to share photos from the birthday bash which he did with his friends and family in his home.

Kristy Damcy drop this:

On the third day in the month of November, a child with a global assignment was given birth to. As the child began to grow into adulthood, sicknesses came to squeeze out life from her but by her Creator’s intervention she defeated the power of illness and lived because in her assignment lies a joy to a saddened heart, a hope to the hopeless life, a healing to the broken heart, and an encouragement to the discouraged soul.

Challenges of life came to disorganize, discourage, distract and frustrate her, but her Helper arrived into the scene, showed her mercy, graced her life, refined her and has made her a terror to the kingdom of darkness, a woman of great value in God’s kingdom and a magnificent blessing to humanity! TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! I’m grateful to God for His enabling grace that has added another year into my life with plenty glory, joy, encouragement, favour, sense of fulfillment, love and health! It has been God all along… Friends, join me and celebrate this awesome God who is specialized in doing awesome things in awesome ways! Happy Birthday To Me!


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