How did you get over 250 in Jamb in Nigeria? (EDUCATION)

Don’t read too hard.

Am serious 2hours a day is okay, studying for JAMB like you did for you WAEC exam is not smart enough, Jamb is meant to test you beyond just knowing the answer, The goal is for you to prove and for the government to know that you are ready to move to the higher institution.

Here are the key things you’re being tested for.

  • Knowledge: of course you need to know basic things about the topic you’re to be tested on.
  • Time management: Being brilliant but bad time management students are just not fit for the higher level.
  • Cleverness : You need to be very clever.
  • Prioritising : This also goes hand to hand with time management.

Follow this simple steps and you will pass JAMB and get admitted into your chosen institution.

Jamb is by far the smartest stunt the Nigeria Government is pulling on admission seekers, If you’re brilliant but not clever you will pass but won’t get admitted. If your good(average) you won’t make the cut off, if you can’t manage time you won’t have enough mark, if you don’t prioritise you won’t get to attempt all the questions.

Jamb is meant for the book-smart and intelligent students, Which is why cheating on Jamb is not recommended because you are cutting yourself short trust me. You’ll pay more to learn this after admission.

Firstly, Jamb is meant to wear you out on purpose, It the punishment you’ll get for having them(JAMB) put the answer(Options) to every question right below it, Yes the answer(Correct Option) is there you know this right? So safety first make sure you’re healthy, sleep well, eat well and plan your reading schedule so that you can see it.

Secondly, Know your shortcut, Jamb is a punishment to student that are not use to time management, If you’re writing as you get to every question you’ll loose a lot of time, Make sure you can tackle simple questions off-hand analiyze the parameters even before using your pen. Yes they are there on purpose to serve as time saver for smart students.

Thirdly, Write many Jambs before you go for your Jamb, Yes it possible to write jamb prior the real exam here is how. This is best done a week to your paper, Take some past questions that ryhmes with your subject combinations, set a stop watch and start practicing, Immediatly it 3hrs stop writing, now compare you answers with the right answers. You will notice that as you’re doing this you might feel no diffrence but wait till after you’ve write the real exam then you’ll see the benefit.

Fourtly and my last hint is make sure you don’t read at all 24hrs before the exam and have at least 4hrs of sleep, Yes it sounds odd but it true. But most candidate do this mistake which give rise to many side effect while writing the exam.

Things you read are always scattered in your memory so they are not immediately accessible, if your brain has not been given the time to organise them. That why sleeping is recommended.

LastlyThere is no such thing as bonus question in Jamb, bonuses are added to final markings after the results are ready but not yet released.

Good luck.

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