Dele Momodu Attacked Over Diezani’s Alleged Sickness (NEWS)

Dele Momodu continues to appear vulnerable to attacks since his involvement in the ailment of former Petroleum minister, Diezani Alison Madueke.

Dele Momodu, who confirmed claims of her sickness a couple of years ago, had many people believe the new due to being a voice in the country that’s commands respect.

Dele Momodu’s “Eye witness report” had led many to believe that the former Minister, who is accused of corruption and money laundering had indeed sick and probably dieing until many began to spot her looking hale all over London.

Another Nigerian had spotted Diezani jogging in London a couple of days ago and had taken pictures.

This has led many to publicly call out Dele Momodu for selling her sickness to Nigeria.

“Were you paid to lie?” many asked him.



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